Lenovo A820 battery bug

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    hello , first of all i would like to apologize im new to this site so sorry if i did something wrong .
    to the problem, i recently bought lenovo a820 from ebay , the phone is great , everything works fine the gaming is great ,excellent resolution .
    BUT , the first time i plugged my phone to a charger it charged to 100% the next day i took it out and went to school and such and noticed it still had 100 % even after 5-6 hours , i was pretty sure something was wrong , after 7-8 hours it still showed 100% but suddenly shutted down. im not a genius but i guess that the battery doesnt show up right on the phone as it really is.
    what do i do to fix it ?

    NOTICE : if im not wrong it came to me as a rooted phone , as i started it up i saw rootexplorer and superuser apps . i opened superuser and tapped unroot to see if it would help , the superuser app disapeared but the battery still didnt show up.

    thank you very much everybody can comment their thoughts :)
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