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    Well just a personal decision, but I have gone back to stock and Im enjoying the smoothness and NO fc issues.I have had my phone since december and have tryed all kinds of different roms and mods and have enjoyed them very much.Im not the most educated person when in comes to phone software but very capable of doing certain thinks (I build my own pc's all day),But when it comes to something that I use all day every day I want it to work and work right with no issues and with every rom other then stock ,and maybe DM some of the time i got fc and other pain in the but stuff.After unrooting and going to 2.1 I have notice that my phone runs just as good as it did with all the extras running overclocked and have not one fc.I was really looking forward to DM new rom but have waited way to long.They say they want to do it right and that is great but as a paying customer that i was i feel like updates from them should have come sooner to keep me interested and they fell short of that.Plus when they made there statement about never rooting 2.1 I feel like they are saying that there is nothing in the new 2.1 that would help us,hmmm sounds a little short sided to me imo..anywho i will keep up with everything and maybe they or someone else will come out with DM style rom updater and I will glady pay for it again just like last time.....
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