Leaving my Incredible (s) for an X!

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    I'm on my 2nd Incredible- the first was bad from day one, but I kept persevering until the system failures got too bad to tolerate. A trip to the Verizon store netted nothing (She didn't know HOW to save my FootPrints, even though she should have), except an order for another Incred, which began to fail within hours of finally being activated(THAT took 2 hours!!).
    A kindly, and not knowledgeable supervisor called me on Tuesday and offered me a Droid X, which she promised would be delivered by "10:30 AM on Thursday"!!! I looked at the web site and questioned her because it said that they were not available and wouldn't be shipped until early September- I'm leaving the country for a few months around that time- but she assured me that they had "23,000 of them" and that it would be here and that she would call me at 5PM today to see if I was happy with it and help me if needed. Of course, she didn't call me, and there is no phone.... Another very nice supervisor is trying to help but she is limited too. I've had it with Verizon's lies-went through it ad infinitum with the Incredible order too- and am hoping that I will get my X and love it! Meanwhile, off to help someone in another thread who can't pair his Bluetooth...