Leak show's Apples official spin on iPhone 4 antenna problem

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    You can see the full article at Leak shows Apple's spin on iPhone 4 flaws - CNN.com but here are some of the things to expect if you have an iPhone 4 and are concerned about the antenna/reception problem. These are when the store rep is supposed to say and do:

    1. Keep all of the positioning statements in the BN handy -- your tone when delivering this information is important.
    a. The iPhone 4's wireless performance is the best we have ever shipped. Our testing shows that iPhone 4's overall antenna performance is better than iPhone 3GS.
    b. Gripping almost any mobile phone in certain places will reduce its reception. This is true of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, and many other phones we have tested. It is a fact of life in the wireless world.
    c. If you are experiencing this on your iPhone 3GS, avoid covering the bottom-right side with your hand.
    d. If you are experiencing this on your iPhone 4, avoid covering the black strip in the lower-left corner of the metal band.
    e. The use of a case or Bumper that is made out of rubber or plastic may improve wireless performance by keeping your hand from directly covering these areas.

    2. Do not perform warranty service. Use the positioning above for any customer questions or concerns.

    3. Don't forget YOU STILL NEED to probe and troubleshoot. If a customer calls about their reception while the phone is sitting on a table (not being held) it is not the metal band.

    4. ONLY escalate if the issue exists when the phone is not held AND you cannot resolve it.

    5. We ARE NOT appeasing customers with free bumpers -- DON'T promise a free bumper to customers.
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    Haha, this is classic.

    They should add do not speak in a loud tone and walk do not run to the nearest exit.....

    I love these releases does the person who wrote them really think they aren't going to get out.

    This just proves it is caused by direct contact with the phone.
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    Today they are basically placing the blame squarely on AT&T. They claim the number of bars is incorrect and the customer actually has a weak signal. Weak signal I believe, but doesn't explain why the iP4 is more susceptible to degradation than previous models. Great job on that antennae design.
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    Actually now they are saying it is a softwre issue, and the patch coming out is going to correct how many bars are displayed as well.

    Spin, spin, spin, all you want Jobs, face it: You made a crappy design choice and relied on fanboyism to still shove it down their throats.

    Only thing is now your masses are not happy, and beginning to show intelligent awareness: Doesn't matter how many bars, if you grip it and los the fracking call, it's both the network AND your phone.

    Oh, and BTW, a glass back? Which shatters easily? Then tell EU's to cover it with a case? Then what was your point of a GLASS back to begin with?

    Poor choices, poor design = Tool.