[LEAK] HTC's E9 Octa-Core HD Flagship

Discussion in 'Android News' started by Jeffrey, Mar 10, 2015.

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    HTC's President Jason Mackenzie stated at MWC 2015, "When I look at the flagship [the One M9], I see we're building the most premium device, but I can't stop there. We have a huge announcement in middle to late March around extreme differentiation between Samsung and the iPhone.

    According to Upleaks, the new HTC E9 or perhaps it will be called the HTC M9 Plus will sport:

    5.5" Quad HD Screen 2560x 1440
    64 Bit MediaTek Octa Core MT6795 clocked at 2GHz
    20 MP Rear Camera
    4 MP UltraPixel Front Camera
    3G of RAM
    32G Internal Storage
    Android 5.0
    HTC Sense 7.0​
    There was no information regarding a 64 or 128G variant, or mention or an SD slot and battery size.
    Intel suggests an expected price equivalent to the iPhone 6+

    The leak also hints at three colors for the One E9: Metallic gray, White Rose Gold and Brown Gold. Upleaks also shed some light on probable accessories for the One E9 namely a clear DotView and a leather cases.

    The launch is scheduled for mid to late March.

    Assuming Upleaks is spot on [which they usually are], what will it be folks the M9 or the E9/M9 Plus?
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    Is it wrong that this has me a bit giddy? Granted battery life is reasonable, this may be it for me. Definitely leaning toward HTC, likely this handset. Completely dependent on Big Red's launch schedule, which is...different...