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Discussion in 'LG Ally' started by lchavez289, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Well, I just got my LG Ally from work today.
    Here's what ive come up with so far..​

    Exterior: Rounded edges, slightly arced front home keys.
    on the actual screen itself, its has the search and back keys. The call, home, menu, and end key are actual buttons. Nice and subtle change from the moto droid. The screen is slightly smaller then the Moto simply because of the black border. But its still perfect for viewing webpages.
    The slider keyboard opens very smoothly, no locking open or close feeling.​

    Interior: The keyboard is very well designed for texting. the keys on the right are slighty tilted and same for the left. It's very easy to move your fingers around. The letters are located slighty different from the motodroid, so it was a bit awkward at first but very easily adapted.
    The keys on the front screen are also located on the keyboard so you can access everything from there unlike the motodroid.​

    Internals: First noticable difference is the home screen. when you push on the screen application menu, the icons shoot into the screen. (like a rooted moto) There is no longer a pull up menu that you look through. The applications actuall roll up and down the screen. The phone comes with think free office, which i love. You have all your files orgainized for sd card, web, and email. ​

    Overall the phone is awesome. I really like everything about it so far. Ill let you know if I find anything else good or bad in the next couple days.​


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