LCD won't power on

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    So, I bought a Droid with a cracked digitizer off someone a few days ago. I intended to replace the digitizer, since that was pretty much the only problem with it.

    So, I cracked it open, went through the steps to replace the digitizer, spent about three hours trying to figure out how to use those ZIF connectors, and after putting it back together, the LCD doesn't start up. The lighting on the keyboard and front panel work, and based on the way it reacts to things, I can assume that everything else is working properly. I just can't see anything.

    That said, what would cause this? I did accidentally damage a flex cable inside the thing. Runs near the camera button. However, I heard it wasn't anything related to more than the camera and...vibrate, I think. Considering the way everything's connected, it doesn't make sense for that to have anything to do with the LCD.

    The flex cable running to the LCD did get bent a bit, and I'd figured this was the problem at first. However, I'm pretty sure now that the circuit isn't actually broken. I could replace the entire cable, but I'd rather not spend more if that's not even gonna be the problem.

    And also, in case I'm wrong, just what does that flex cable near the camera button control? Plugs into the small PCB on the bottom of the device. I'm...uh...still a bit worried about the problems that may give me.

    Also also, in case I'm really wrong, how do those ZIF connectors work? I can't tell if touch works, either, so it's possible that neither of the two work, and they both use those horrible little things. I can't be entirely sure that it's even plugged in properly.

    Many thanks to anyone that can help.
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