LatinIME.apk/Keyboard installation help please

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    I couldn't find an appropriate thread to place this under, but this looked like the most logical.

    I recently rooted my phone and installed a custom rom on it. The Smoked Glass v6.0.1. I find the default apps very annoying and found a way to make them disapear. I changed the .apk file in the/system/app section to .bak.

    Well in this rom the Voice Search app is also connected with the Android keyboard. If I remove the Voice Search I also remove the virtual keyboard. The app is called VoiceSearchWithKeyboard.apk.

    So I changed it to .bak and tried to install the android stock keyboard called LatinIME.apk. I also found the I pushed these to my phone using the SDK tool. One to the /system/lib and the other to /system/app. When I booted my phone up I didn't get the keyboard. So I also pushed the LatinIME.odex over to the /system/app file and it still didn't work. The phone ended up not being able to boot up, so I had to go into flash recovery and back up the phone.

    So I am just wondering what am I doing wrong? I know this may not make sense as to why I just don't deal with the extra icon. But I don't know, I just want it perfect I quess.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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