laptop will not recognize or do anything with the drivers

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    I want to root and my laptop will not update drivers or recognize my a955(droid2)I went to device manager and has conflict and I try to update or reinstall drivers and it will not cuz it can't find em and I directed it to the ones i got from xda-developers on motorola site.I've dl'ed the drivers from the 1-2-3 root from dark onion.I have it on debugging and pc mode.Its driving me nuts.I'm about to give up.Can I uninstall drivers and reinstall and if so does someone have an exact addy that I can get the drivers from?A couple of the sites take you to driver mendor or driver doctor then have to pay for em.I know this is so simple but will not do anything with the drivers.I've read somewhere about the usb cable and its the cable that came with the phone.thanx for any help
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