Laptop + blown headphone jack?

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    So I was soldering an audio cable directly onto the controller board for my speaker system, the left wire (white), and it accidentally hit the part of the board where the electricity comes in (for the LED/power button) and I had the other end of the audio cable in my laptop playing music, ya know to make sure I was soldering to the correct place.

    So basically electricity went to my laptop's headphone jack, and it does not play sound through the left side, just right.

    I know my s*** when it comes to tech and computers, but this is pretty unique, I have no idea, but I took my laptop apart, and on the motherboard where the headphone jack is soldered on, everything looks fine, perfectly in place on the board.... So any ideas on how far the damage went? Would simply replacing the jack itself fix the issue? Or is the problem circuit or the like on the motherboard completely burned out?

    Any help would be greeeaaattttlllyyy appreciated!
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