KyoCast Allows You To Free Your ChromeCast

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    The Chromecast entered the marketplace with tons of hype and excitement. This was pretty quickly fizzled out when users realized just how limited this seemingly potential filled device was. Note only did Google release the Chromecast with just a few compatible streaming services onboard, Google also patched up the root method for this device almost instantly. Modifications for this device have been non existent other than a few mods created by developer "Koush" that were shot down by Google for licensing reasons. I can understand why Google wants this device to be secure and closed up. This is a media device and Google was hoping to be able to hash out all kinds of licensing and distribution deals. Companies don't like to mix Media content with hacked devices for obvious reasons.

    If you were one of the lucky few to get this device rooted before the update that patched the method was sent out, you will be able to take advantage of Kyocast by developer "Kyonz". Kyocast works by redirecting traffic to kyocast servers were various third party applications are allowed. So far AOL, HBO, Post, Rev3, and Songa are allowed by Kyocast. Hopefully more will come soon. Check out the thread link below for more info.

    Via XDA
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