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Discussion in 'ENSQUARED' started by Daali, Oct 13, 2010.

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    I got called last night while at the hospital visiting my dying cousin(44 and another story) on my work cell phone. It was Ensquared, and they needed to get my IEMI to activate my insurance. Well dummy me had put down my work phone number(a blackberry) as my Phone I wanted to insure!! ACKKK. The CS rep was very understanding of where I was, and what I had accidentally done in the cart. I gave him the real number of my Droid X and he promptly called me back on it. Once on the real phone, he walked me through getting him the IEMI while on speaker phone(quietly) in the hospice wing. He assured me that he had made the change and had gotten everything taken care of, and even apologized for having to call me where I was.

    I loved the personal touch and thought you guys would like to know.

    Thanks Ensquared!
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