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    Bladers naturally have the best critical strike rating out of every class. This means that you might

    not need to have as much critical strike rate as other classes, or might want to have as much as

    possible. You also should have atleast 30% amp rating. If you're already hitting a lot of crits then

    go for more damage, or if you deal low damage you need to get that up higher. People might give

    good ratings, but in the end it's all about fniding a good balance between critical strike rating,

    amp rating and your budget/time/patience/determination. Gear with high amp can usually be

    bought of the AH,but also costs a lot. You can also try to craft yourself some armour, which is

    also time consuming and extremely expensive. I like You can also hope to get

    good loot from bosses (the boss of the lvl 110 lake world sometimes can drop forcium/mithril with

    buffs and or +8 epaulets). In the end, I recommend somewhere between 30%-50% (at max) amp

    rating, while your critical strike rating should in the end be as high as possible (though if you find

    that 80% of your attacks are crits then start putting more into amp).
    Good Luck getting good gear and the best PvP stats you can.
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