Kinder Hangman - Educational iPhone App for Kids

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    I would like to represent a newly released educational iPhone game for kids. Kinder Hangman iPhone App is a unique and innovative iPhone application. It is a very interesting and attractive game that is specially designed for children. The educational program contains graphical themes and animations on different topics. Word categories include the grade levels kindergarten through sixth, countries, mammals, birds, bugs, reptiles, fish, US States, superheroes, dinosaurs, and sports. Hand drawn graphical themes and animations include pirates, ghosts dinosaurs, cavemen, princesses and knights with more coming soon. The main objective of the game is to enlarge vocabulary of a child. The game is recommended for children of 5-10 years old.

    Itunes Link

    Current Version: 1.2
    Size: 9.6 MB
    Language: English
    Price: $0.99

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