Killed Razr Maxx during glass change

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    I was working on replacing the cracked glass on my Razr Maxx. I got the glass removed and all of the glue cleaned off the screen. I then made the mistake of powering on the phone before putting the new glass in place. It started to boot up, I got the M logo, then it went to the boot animation. I moved the LCD screen at this point and it flickered, then went out. For awhile I could touch the blank screen and hear dialing sounds, then I got a green flashing light for awhile, and now nothing. I've tried a cold boot (power + down vol for 10 sec), nothing. Tried disassembling the phone to make sure everything was connected, still nothing. At this point the buttons on the bottom don't even light up anymore. Any other ideas, or is it just dead? I still have not put the new glass on, not sure if it's worth it at this point. As a side note, when I plug it into my PC via USB, the computer recognizes the phone. I get the Motocast CD, and 2 removable drives showing up in My Computer, but both of the removable drives are "empty" and tell me to insert a disc when I try to access them.
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