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    I finally give up - after messing with trying to get video playlists set up -

    The first round was trying on the phone it self - that's totally worthless -
    Any new list folder made ends up Emulated by default with no possible way to force it to external SD.
    Sure enough - warning came up the first time doing this - it ate up every bit of internal memory.

    I had roughly 60 video's and a couple movies loaded on the phone.
    The only way to get any video to go to EXT SD - was adding it to existing image file already on ext SD.
    I was OK with that.

    But now makes it a joke - one can't change the name of the folder at any level.


    Update - Today, after noticing system update for both the S4 & Kies -
    I decided to rip every video off the phone and start over going by the Steps in the Kies Help.

    After a little issue of not being able to drag & drop video files into playlists within Kies.
    I followed the rules -
    creating all new playlists -
    Hitting the PLUS / add files to playlist is working just fine -
    but a painful slow process hand picking content concept from the computers files-
    It doesn't know where you left off to pick the next group picks for the next playlist. Oh well.

    Get all the playlists loaded -
    Now to transport the playlists to the Phone. I pre-checked the phone - sure enough,
    No Videos period after deleting them.

    That's another junk process of Kies - it takes forever to get any response.
    I should have just jerked out the SD card - and loaded it direct - but I was following the rules line for line.

    I see progression bar complete the last step of loads - for less than 4GB worth - It took a while.
    Should have had 800 Firewire as connection - Anyway . . .

    Dismount the phone -

    Go to photo/image file - and every video is stacked in ONE folder - CAMERA.
    Not one Folder/Playlist made it to the phone - only the entire stack of video's in CAMERA folder-
    Checking the Details for Camera folder of one entry - it does say it's on the Ext SD - so that's cool.
    Ext SD is 60GB.

    While I had deleted all the video's / Movies off the phone - I decided I'd send them all to one of my Video
    Apps on the Mac - Toast.
    I loaded in 10 video's at a time - and set the output to 264 for the entire stack of 60 files.

    The end results came out great -
    It saved 2/3 the space on the Ext SD - by looking at the reason - it cut the Bit rate about in half - using 264.
    And viewing the file samples on the laptop - I cannot see any artifacts or destruction of quality.
    They were mostly mpeg-4 - or m4v - or mov files to begin with.

    Had the playlists kept everything intact moving all playlists - I would have been a very happy hour camper.
    I have about 3 days of intense make over into this -
    Not sure I want anything more to do with the most worthless app I have ever worked with.

    It makes you think all is going fine - but it's only a dream.
    Is it easy to tell - that this is my first Droid device - maybe 3 months ago.

    Oh there's more to the story -
    It's call BackUp - we'll torture some later with that.

    Then after phone update completes Tonite - It's 4 feet away on the couch -
    'S' voice just fires up out of no where - regardless never activated or allowed to.

    Don't you guys worry about what the policy is using apps downloaded that say -
    we have the right to use your camera at will w/o your OK - Really?
    I'm about to put a piece of tape over the camera lens / both of them.

    If you made it this far - you get a gold star on your fridge....and cold Heineken.
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