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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by fredydt123, Jan 5, 2014.

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    My apologies in advance if this post is I checked to make sure I wasn't jumping the gun.

    I need some help with Kies Air 3

    My latest version is 3.2.13114_23

    I have been trying to sync my contacts from Outlook to my Samsung 3. Seems pretty simple....right???? I am using Deja Office but will ditch if I can get Kies to work. I have watched tutorials on You Tube, read, read, and read but maybe I am missing a minor process.

    Here's what happens. The phone connects but after 10, 15 minutes or so I don't see any movement or at least files being transferred.

    I have approximately 1800 contacts in Outlook. How long should a typical upload take? I have ATT universe wireless and direct. I do notice a dialog box on the bottom right of the screen but it remains at 0, zero or no either the contacts are not registering or I need to give the process more time.

    Thanks in advance for chiming in.
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