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    Specifically the source of Chevy's modified OG Kernel (provided built into his rom). Main reason I ask is I am currently highly pleased with SS 5.5 and the 1.0Ghz kernel with full time on demand overclocking set up. About as stable and smooth as I have ever seen the OG on any rom let alone stock. But I have gotten into using A2DP a lot lately with a new headunit in my car that will do A2DP and AVRCP. But the quality is a little lacking and the highs are a bit distorted. I have done tons of research and it seems a very common problem related to a low bitpool setting which is hardcoded into the kernel on most devices. I'm determined to play around with this and see what I can accomplish. Unfortunately I'd much prefer to stick to Chevy's kernels if at all possible and would dread switching to anything else. So if anyone knows if he has his kernel source available somewhere, that'd be awesome! :)
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