[KERNEL] Project Elite Kernel For The Galaxy S4!

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    Project Elite is now in full effect for the Galaxy S4! The first part of the project is the Project Elite Kernel. This Kernel was built with the Project Elite Rom in mind. The PE Rom should be around shortly but until then you will want to check out this awesome new kernel. This kernel includes some custom governors and schedulers, but only those that deliver great results. The PE Rom will be an AOSP Rom, however the Kernel has been built for both Touchwiz and AOSP so anyone can run it. This Kernel can be flashed on both the AT&T and Verizon Variants.


    Some features of this Kernel include Linaro Compiled for auto increase in performance and speed, GPU Overclocking, CPU Overclocking, basic performance enhancing governors, Default Interactive Governor, Deadline Scheduler is default for best overall performance, Dynamic Fsync, User Space Voltage Control, USB fastcharge, and lots more!

    Grab this Kernel here and discuss.
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