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    I just booted into ClockWork recovery, selected install from zip, and then picked my kernel zip file from the list. Was this correct? SetCPU seems to recognize a higher upper limit, so I'm assuming it's a go.

    Anyway, I selected the P3Droid, Standard Voltage, 1000mhz kernel... If I notice that heat is an issue, should I a)lower the upper limit or b) select a new kernel with low voltage? And can I just flash a new kernel over my existing kernel without wiping the whole phone?

    The whole profiles thing with setCPU has gotten me sort of in a frenzy. I don't know how I should set them up. I just know I want my phone to be faster and use the processor on demand, which I have hopefully set up correctly. Can you guys give me some examples of how you use profiles (including the scenario and the settings)? I'd really appreciate the advice.

    BTW, big thanks to everyone so far - this is the most helpful forum I have ever seen. You guys all rock. dancedroid
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