[KERNEL] Fascinate Froyo Source (Built from Galaxy S I9000 Source)

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    All credit goes to SirGatez over at XDA for this awesome build.....

    Orig link: [KERNEL] Fascinate Froyo Source (Built from Galaxy S I9000 Source) - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [KERNEL] Fascinate Froyo Source (Built from Galaxy S I9000 Source)
    02/12/11: Froyo boots, stability issues resolved, all used modules from source except graphics. Problems: radio does not work, camcorder crashes the camera app, likely more issues. Big thanks to TheBirdman, SuperCurio and all the other devs working like myself out there to make this dream a reality. Gingerbread will come after Froyo is stabilized. As promised progress is being made.

    This is not a Blazed kernel but will share in code fixes and versatility.

    Thanks to TheBirdman, SuperCurio and others who's patches are pulled from TheBirdmans git to improve Fascinate compatibility.

    The Eclair source appeared to be coded by multiple seperate teams simultaniously whilst Froyo source appears to be developed by one team and the sammy sources for the devices with Froyo are incrementally getting more updates as they move from one device to another.

    Source will be posted soon, i am traveling right now and wanted to share this breakthrough from earlier today. Hint for those who can not wait the I9000 Samsung source contains almost everything you need except a graphics driver and a proper config, compare fascinate_defconfig, aries_eur_defconfig and the eclair defconfig or pull config from this kernel ;-)

    The link below is for an alpha quality non-voodoo test kernel with ext4, ipv6, and full netfilter built in plus alot of extra modules stored in /system/kmodules:

    Non-Voodoo: http://db.tt/Y66iNVu

    Enjoy....if your running Voodoo you need to disable it first before flashing this nonVoodoo kernel....you've been warned
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