[KERNEL][cm7 or miui] OTB (fascinatemtd) Kernel - [6.10.11]

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    All credit goes to nemesis2all over at XDA

    Orig link: [KERNEL][cm7 or miui] OTB (fascinatemtd) Kernel - [6.10.11] - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [KERNEL][cm7 or miui] OTB (fascinatemtd) Kernel - [6.10.11]
    OTB 2.6.35 CM7 0610

    Main Features
    2.6.35 Kernel based off of work done by TeamHacksung
    Overclock up to 1400 MHz
    UV control via sysfs using Voltage Control app
    Voodoo Sound v9 - thanks to supercurio and project-voodoo
    CWM3 with options to wipe voltage settings
    jhash3 table for .35 kernel
    Other misc tweaks

    Frequencies and Voltages
    1400Mhz @ 1450mV
    1300Mhz @ 1400mV
    1200Mhz @ 1350mV
    1000Mhz @ 1250mV - do not recommend uv more than 25 mV here
    800Mhz @ 1200mV - do not recommend uv more than 25 mV here
    400Mhz @ 1050mV
    200Mhz @ 950mV
    100Mhz @ 950mV

    I/O Schedulers
    sio - default

    CPU Governors
    ondemand - default

    Installation Instructions
    Install JT's CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST
    Put kernel zip on sdcard
    Reboot to recovery using shutdown option or adb reboot recovery
    Flash kernel zip via orange cwm
    *** Do not reboot to recovery using 3 button method ***

    Mini How-To
    Do not use setcpu. Use voltage control from market. Test settings for at least a day before applying at boot. When testing just apply for now. Users are encouraged to share their settings. If you would like a way to keep track of how much time cpu spends in each state I recommend cpu spy from the market.

    jt1134 of course he almost single handidly got cm7 working on the Fascinate
    TeamHacksung for the amazing work they have done for sgs phones
    CyanogenMod Team
    supercurio for all of the wonderful work on project-voodoo
    adrynalyne for his roms and odin packages
    enderst for allowing me to build on his machine....that is awesome and so l33t to ssh to build on a remote machine
    neldar, taninm, rodderick, koush, thomasskull666, raspdeep, imnuts, khasmek, sirgatez, existz, nullghost, ssewk2x, netarchy, codeworkx, coolya, antimn, morific, nullghost, and GizmoDroid
    Dank for the mirrors
    All of the testers
    Great people in IRC at #samsung-fascinate on FreeNode and anyone I might have missed.

    *** If I missed giving you credit feel free to pm me and I will rectify as soon as possible. ***

    Use this kernel at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages to your phone. Be especially careful when overclocking.

    Current Kernel
    OTB 2.6.35 CM7 0610 - Flash in orange recovery after you are already on JT's CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST or AOSP MIUI (fascinatemtd) 1.6.10 TEST. This kernel will not fix anything that is wrong with cm7, but should not break anything that is currently working either.

    OTB 2.6.35 CM7 0610

    Voltage Control Settings Wiper Zip

    My Github for source

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