Keep Up With Your Battery Life With Battery Wallpaper

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    If you have a smaller phone or if you have a phone with a smaller battery then battery management is probably important to you. You will probably find that you are checking your phone every so often to see how much of your battery has expired. If you are waiting on an important phone call or message you probably also may find yourself checking your phone's battery status just to be sure your phone isn't getting ready to die. You normally have to wake up your phone and then unlock it to see your battery status, but with the Battery Wallpaper Live Wallpaper you can see your battery status from your lockscreen. This saves crucial battery power since you can just wake your phone long enough to see the lockscreen then put it back to sleep.

    Features include:

    -12 different styles
    -animated charge
    -customizable colors
    -customizable opacity
    -selectable background image from gallery
    -scrolling background image on swipe between launcher pages
    -plain colored background
    -no ads
    -fast, minimal app

    Head to the link below for the download and more information.

    Via XDA
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