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Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by MAD450r, Sep 25, 2010.

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    I've had my droid X since the first wave of the preorders here in ct. I had it rooted right away thanks to birdman. I then slowly learned more and added recovery, but never flashed more than 1 theme on here. I tried once to run the leaked froyo and it errored and wouldn't install but was backup and running thanks to rsdlite 4.7 and hack.
    Last night my phone kept asking me to update and I kept saying no. This morning/afternoon when I got up my phone was on the motorola logo and wont go into anything but the stock recovery. I cant even use rsdlite to save it now.

    On the other hand I gave in and called verizon playing dumb and told them of how it kept asking to update last night the teck says it should have and most likely updated itself when it popped up the window and I was sleeping and didn't tell it to wait. They are going to replace the phone IM so surprised they didn't make me bring it to the store. I did tell them many times when I called I am legally blind I cant read the number off the stickers to them so I usually have someone else read it, and I cant easily get to there verizon store since I have no license and they decided to help me out.
    Even paying for the return of my broken phone.

    but I guess im not the first today to have this happen when the 2.2 froyo update started rolling out. Im not rooting this time till its in froyo :)