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    Just rooted - need some help..

    Hey, im new to all of this.

    ive had my d2 for a little over a year, just rooted using xds developers method.

    since the successful root, i now have the superuser app, i have titanium PRO backup, barnacle wifi tether, and d2 bootstrap...

    i want to flash a custom rom but im afraid to mess something up. i've ran a full back up on titanium of both my apps and data, but my biggest question is with bootstrap.

    after rooting, i downloaded bootstrap from the market. what do i have to do to make it work? ive read that it saved people countless times. i want to make sure it can save me too if something were to go wrong. does something need to go on sd card?

    any info would be appreciated

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    I'm also wanting to flash cm6 to my droid. I've read the steps on nandroid forums, but they don't seem to line up with the options I have when I boot into recovery. Can someone give me a brief walk through for flashing a rom? I've already backed up system and data, but it didn't give me an option to name the backup like the android forums said to do. It's as if I'm looking a different version of recovery.