Just rooted my D2G. Now, lots of questions.

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by Agent Foxtrot, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    After careful consideration, I decided to go ahead and root my Droid 2 Global. Even though I don't have a complete understanding of what I'm doing, I've read several guides and feel comfortable enough.

    So here's what I did:

    • Downloaded and installed z4root. I used Permanent Root. After a few tries, it finally worked.
    • Downloaded and installed Wireless Tether just to ensure I was, in fact, rooted.
    • Downloaded and installed Titanium Backup (Free). Backed up everything.
    • Downloaded and installed ClockworkMod ROM Manager. Flashed ClockworkMod Recovery but Backup Current ROM won't work (see below).
    • Froze a few crapware programs using directions from this board (thanks!).
    • Downloaded and installed SetCPU. Set minimum to 800MHz and maximum to 1.2GHz.
    And here are my questions:

    1. Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery seems fine, but trying to Backup Current ROM only results in the phone rebooting. That's it. No system messages appear showing anything is taking place in the OS. No backup files are listed in the /clockworkmod folder. I tried deleting and reinstalling the ROM Manager, but the same thing happens.
    2. Is there any consensus as to preference of CyanogenMod 7 vs. Ultimate Droid 3.0? I heard that CM is better with battery life and doesn't randomly reboot as much as UD, but how do they compare in features? What are the differences between Froyo, Gingerbread, etc?
    3. I know Java and XML, but I'm fairly new to opening up the Android OS and messing around with the guts. Is there any way I can customize the look of certain things (I really liked the Droid 1's unlock swipe bar more than the Droid 2 Global's).
    4. Are there any other suggestions people have for fun things to do with a rooted Droid?
    5. I was using PdaNet before rooting. Is there any reason Wireless Tether is better?
    6. Is 800MHz relatively safe for the D2G?
    7. Finally, most importantly: This has happened a few times before rooting, but after rooting, the phone does not recognize that it has a SIM card. I've tried removing and replacing the SIM card, but the phone just doesn't see it there. Is this a common problem and is there an easy fix?
    Thanks a ton for any and all help. Sorry for any newbishness on my part.