Just purchased a Motorola Droid from Overstock.com for $120 with 2 yr contract...

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    Purchased a Motorola Droid from Overstock.com for $120 with 2 yr contract, questions.

    I just purchased a Motorola Droid from Overstock.com for $120 with 2 year plan, free Fed Ex shipping, recieved it in CA from Maryland in 2-3 days. Here is what I understand. Correct me if I'm wrong. Looking for some help if you know of a better deal.

    When you order through OS, they don't tell you all the fees until after you have spent 10-20 mins on the phone, then they tell you the ETF fees. Also, I think I was talking to somebody in India based on the accent of the clerk, who was very polite and the digital sounding nature of the call which was horrible at times.

    During the first 6 months, if I cancel the plan, change phone numbers...up to $300 Early Termination Fee (ETF), (which goes to Overstock) and a $350 termination fee (which goes to Verizon, and is reduced by $10 for each month for the first 24 months) and the standard $35 activation fee.

    Standard $39.99 with 450 mins and $29.99 data plan.

    So if I keep the phone for at least 6 months and don't loose it, don't break it or have it stolen..., then after 6 months if I cancel for whatever reason, I will have paid $120 for the phone, $350 for the early termination fee going to VZW and $35 activation fee for a total of $410 + $35 = $445

    My question is, did I make a costly mistake with all these penalties and such? I can always return the package if there is a better deal elsewhere. The reason I like the 1 year option is so if I decide to get a newer droid or other model in a year or so if the technology changes for the better I won't be hit with all these Early Termination Fees.

    Suggestions, comments...?
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