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    Hello forum members,

    I've just recently received an upgrade from Verizon and decided to upgrade to the all-powerful Android. I was going to go with the Thunberbolt, but decided to wait due to some technical errors I've already head about.

    Anyway, I'm sure the questions are asked all the time, but I've been busy with three jobs and hardly get a chance to do anything on the computer anymore. Whats the best apps for this phone as far as increasing performance?

    Also, I let a friend of mine log into her facebook on my phone to upload a pic, and now I get her facebook notifications on my phone. I've already deleted my account and reactivated it, searched for her screen name and couldnt find it, and am fully logged into my account, but i still get the little F up in the notification bar that says she has a message. How do I remove this?

    Thank you for your input