Just got a Droid X

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    I got a Droid X Friday, December 31. I of course have many questions, but I will save most of those for other threads.

    I am also a developer, but I have not yet learned Java. So it was difficult to decide what type of phone to get. I know C++, C#, VB, COBOL and other languages but I have never learned Java. I like the idea of a phone using Linux and I am hoping that Android is the operating system with the most opportunity in the future.

    The most important thing I need to do is to find the tools to limit the phone's use of the mobile network, so that I can remain within the 150MB monthly limit for data. I have WiFi turned on and I hope I can rely on it when I am at home. I can check on the current actual use using the Verizon web site but if there is a way to check more directly then I have not found that yet.