Just got a Droid R2D2 after several years on a Blackberry Storm

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    I love the Droid for the reasons I needed an upgrade (faster processor and more RAM/ROM?), as well as many other cool things I've discovered and have yet to discover.

    At the moment, however, I'm finding the Droid's inability to do a couple things my Storm did frustrating and would love to find out if I can get apps or something to make the R2D2 do the following:

    I set my phone to silent at night, but I have two kids so their personal "notification" options were set to ALWAYS, meaning even if my phone was set to silent their calls would still come through... but only theirs.

    So I'd like to find a way to block all alerts except for ones specifically designated to come through no matter what.

    Any such apps?

    I briefly looked into "Missed Calls" (or something similar to that title), but after reading the reviews I wasn't confident this could do what I wanted and some people were having problems with it (although I'll hazard a guess that there isn't an app out there that SOMEONE isn't going to say they're having a problem with).

    The second thing I want, but is WAY less crucial, is that I have set up my gmail account... but on my Storm, I had that plus three separate other email accounts.

    It appears to me that I can only have one other email icon on my homepage.

    After experimenting more, it appeared I'd be able to add the other accounts, but I'd still be stuck with just the one homepage icon for the three other accounts (and it looked like I could toggle between them from a pull down menu at the top of that screen).

    Alas, the system didn't seem to recognize the other two email addies (mail was not imported), so I ended up just going to those accounts and FORWARDING all messages to the one non-gmail account that did seem to work with my Droid.

    Sigh... sorry, that was a long explanation.

    So anyway, I have done a "work-around" for the email issue, but I'm still very interested in having the ability to make the notification of certain contacts come through even when I have other messages and alert on silent.

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