Just got a DROID Incredible

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    My Windows Mobile 6.1 device died today and rather than deal with trying to get it replaced I figured I'd try the VZW DROID Incredible. I'm hoping I like this phone but so far I'm not convinced.

    I'm a Windows user through and through so I'm worried about the lack of many of the Office related features (Exchange ActiveSync Tasks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Remote Desktop to make a few. I've seen that there are apps I can buy to take care of some of these shortcomings, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to buy an expensive phone and still have to spend more money to get it to do what I need.

    Thoughts? I'm open to being convinced :)

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    Depending on what you want done, there's PhoneMyPC and Remote RDP. PhoneMyPC is easier to setup. U can basically view or control stuff from the phone. Remote RDP does it plus more. I still havent figured how to transfer files with Remote RDP yet. Phone MyPC is alot smoother too. It feels like you are on a good VM. For Office stuff, u can use Documents To Go. $15 for the full version. U can view docs with the free version.

    But this is the Incredible. I dont really know if these will work for it. But they do work on the Droid.

    I can convince you....to get what you wanna get. :) The Incredible has alot of features the Droid doesnt. The Droid has a physical keyboard. Both have good touchscreens. It basically depends on what u want. In your case, If u need the docs application and u cant use it on the Incredible, get the Droid.

    Keep your wants simple and it wont be a hard choice.

    By the way, welcome to the forums!! Its wild times with the Incredible out right now. I have a Droid.
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