Just a thought on Cinco de Mayo

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    Not a Sermon, Just want everyone to be safe.....

    Cinco de Mayo has become a big night out for many Americans, particularly young adults. But it is also a very dangerous night out due to impaired drivers. That’s why we are reminding all those participating in the Cinco de Mayo celebration use common sense this year and designate their sober driver in advance – before the festivities even begin.

    Whether you are just meeting a few friends after work at the corner pub or attending a party, if you plan on using alcohol, do not drive – and never let your friends drive if you think they are impaired.

    Designating a sober driver before the local celebration begins and making sure friends don’t drive drunk are just two simple steps to help avoid a tragic crash or an arrest for impaired driving.

    Designating a sober driver and not letting friends drive while impaired are just two of several simple steps to help avoid a tragic crash or an arrest for impaired driving. Other tips include:
    Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast.
    Pace yourself—eat enough food, take breaks and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
    Designate a sober driver before the party and give that person your car keys.
    If you don’t have a designated driver, ask a sober friend for a ride home; call a cab, friend or family member to come and get you; or just stay where you are and sleep it off.
    Never let a friend leave your sight if you think they are about to drive while impaired. Remember, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.
    Always buckle up – it’s still your best defense against other impaired drivers.

    If you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo party:
    Serve lots of food – particularly high-protein dishes;
    Be sure to include lots of non-alcoholic beverages, desserts and coffee;
    Be sure all of your guests designate their drivers in advance;
    Help arrange ride-sharing with sober drivers; and
    Keep the numbers for local cab companies handy, and take keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving while impaired.

    Driving impaired or riding with someone who is impaired is simply not worth the risk, not only do you risk killing yourself or someone else, but the trauma and financial costs of a crash or an arrest for driving while impaired can be really significant.

    Don’t risk your freedom, your career, your license, or your life this Cinco de Mayo. Designate your sober driver before the party begins.

    For more information, please visit Stop Impaired Driving | Over The Limit Under Arrest | Drunk Driving Prevention | NHTSA.​

    With that said.....Where's the Beer?:icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana:
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    Great point, hope all who read it take ur advise!!

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