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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by boatman2220, Dec 6, 2009.

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    I can pull up my mobile banking website. But, I can't access the logon page. I talked to Verizon about this, and after calling the bank,and talking to their Tech support was told it was a known issue with the Droid, and hopefully will be corrected in the update that's coming. I noticed that I was being charged on my phone bill for some of my mobile to mobile ( Verizon ) and some of home numbers I called. ( friends & family ) Not all the time just every so often. I talked to Verizon about it and they tads it and made a note of what's going on. None of the other lines on the account are having these issues. ( they are not Droids ) Verizon gave me 250 bonus min. for the next 6 months and took off the charges for the ones that were wrong. The 1st Droid that I picked up started having problem right after I got it. Closing programs, restarting, and freezing up. It was replaced with no problem from Verizon. This one is working great. Absolutely love this phone. No more poking a stylus into a hole for a restart. No more spinning hourglass or battery pulls.