July 7th & my phone dilemma: seek advice

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    So here's my deal (and I'm looking for advice on what to do):

    -I'm a complete phone noob and I'm looking to upgrade my phone in the near future (I'll explain why in a minute).

    -Currently, I've been using a piece of junk cell phone from the 90s, oooh for about the past 10+ years. It's so old it's monochrome. It can text (amazingly) and send/receive calls, but that's about it.

    -However, I have to update my phone by mid-September to one that can access the i-net, as I'll be getting interview offers at this time. These will be offers that I have to respond back to asap (like, within the hour), otherwise I'll lose out on the offer to other candidates. As such, I've been looking at phones with dataplans, and the smart phones--the droid bionic and iphone 5--have caught my eye.

    -There in lies the problem: I figured I waited this long to update my phone, might as well get something kickass, right? lol, So I thought I'd get the bionic when it came out, then Big Red drops this tiered data plan garbage on me, and now I don't know what to do? Should I...

    • get something 4g compatible like HTC thunderbolt/Droid charge before July 7th so that I can get unlimited data...
    • screw 4g and just get some smart phone/BB/whatever that's functional and emails...and then try to upgrade later and keep the unlimited plan?
    • wait until the iphone5/Bionic comes out and get hosed by Big Red's new data plan, because hey, it's gonna happen to all of us eventually (resistance is futile)
    Basically, what do you guys recommend for someone who's waited this long to upgrade their phone, has to upgrade their phone SOON, and wants to splurge a little and get whatever is hot on the market now/in the near future (cause hey, I've waited 10+ years!!)???

    Long story short, I'm not sure what to do and could use your advice, as I know if I go into the verizon store tomorrow they're gonna start talking abunch of BS that's way over my head, and I'll end up leaving with like 3 blackberries and a sony computer lol.
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    If it were me, I'd go ahead and get the best thing I could RIGHT NOW, get your unlimited data contract in place, and then purchase the Bionic full price when it comes out and sell your current phone online to recoup some of the cost.