July 2012 App Idea Contest Winners!

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    Hello all,

    We're happy to announce our July 2012 App Idea Contest winners! They are listed below, and we are now bringing them into the development stage. Have an app idea of your own? You could be the next winner of our $1500 in prize money. Visit Applits: app idea competition | social smartphone app development and submit your app idea before the last week of this month!


    Ideal for laptop owners on the go, Wi-Free will list all available public, un-password protected WiFi access points near you using your current GPS location. Upon opening the application, you will be presented with the option of how large of a radius should be scanned for available WiFi networks via a “slider bar.” After scanning for networks that exist in that radius in the Wi-Free networks database, the app will show a pin on a map view of your location for each available network. Many advanced features and network information (momentarily undisclosed) will be prominent in Wi-Free and are not found in other existing apps of this type; the fact that Wi-Free's directory of information will be based on user interaction and feedback will ensure greater accuracy of its provided information and will set Wi-Free above and beyond the existing apps in this space.



    This application relieves all feelings of future boredom or distaste from a bad bar experience. Whether your interest depends on the type of beer, liquor specials, a dance floor, local bands, or billiards... BarMan will help you keep the party going late. Having a good time at the bar, especially if traveling in a small group, depends heavily on the combined interests of the party. BarMan will will allow the user to plan ahead for the night to please everyone's interests.
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