JuiceDefender not starting on boot

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    Maybe I don't need JuiceDefender Ultimate (holdover from my OG Droid), but for the past few months it won't start up at boot. I've even tried the Boot Workaround. This is with an unrooted Bionic with .246 ICS.

    When I open the app it says that my phone isn't rooted and then says that ASOP Helper can't be found or outdated. After that is says that normal ASOP start up won't work on Android 2.3+ and will attempt a "dangerous force install" which may or may not work. This happened on GB and also on ICS.

    Anyone else have that problem? The last time the app was updated was January 2012. I contacted the developers and they suggested the Boot Workaround. It's almost as if they prefer if the phone is rooted, but they said that while rooting gives more control it isn't necessary.
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