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    Joystiq App for Android finally available!

    by Christopher Grant

    [​IMG] Good news, Android users! You no longer have to weep with envy every time your smarmy, iPhone-toting friends start bragging about their sweet Joystiq app (which they do all the time, because it's so cool). That's right, the Joystiq app is now available on the Android Market, and it offers all the same great features.

    You'll be able to keep up with all the latest Joystiq content -- news, reviews, previews, videos, screenshots -- all without opening a web browser. Features include built-in video streaming (within posts or via a list of videos), in-app tipping (does your brother have the PSP Phone?), photo galleries, story commenting and more. For a recap of the very similar iPhone app, check out the video tour after the break ... or skip all that nonsense, and start downloading via the QR code to the right!
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