Jelly Bean XXDLIB Galaxy S3 Official Build flashed and works, however...

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    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and i'm not sure if i'm even posting in the right area, but i have a sh*t load of questions maybe you guys who are more pro android answer for me.

    Firstly, i have a galaxy s3 unlocked which i purchased from the U.K however i live in Australia. I have recently flashed using Odin, the new official Jelly Bean update for the galaxy s3 i9300 model. The flash worked well and every went smoothly and i have been running jelly bean on my phone without a problem for 3 days now.

    My questions:
    1. Will i be eligible for future automatic OTA updates from now onwards after flashing this release?
    2. The flash firmware file was 700 something megabytes as opposed to the expected 280 mb OTA update, why such a large difference?
    3. Would my device have run 'faster' or 'be happier' if i had done an OTA as opposed to this flash thingy?
    4. I use airdroid to copy alot of things across to my S3, in the file browser i would see System (onboard memory and system files) and exSDcard (my micro sd card). Now all i see is sdcard0 and System. Neither of which is my actual micro sd card! I now have to browse into System, then STORAGE, and then i'll see my microsd card! I have a feeling that the method i used to install Jelly bean messed with something?! i have also sent an e-mail to the developer of Airdroid.

    Thanks for your time guys. Hope to hear a reply(ies) soon! =):happy3:
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