Jelly Bean 4.1 TORO (VZW) Galaxy Nexus ROM With Video and install info!

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    Team Liquid Presents Jelly Bean 4.1 TORO Galaxy Nexus

    NOT MY WORK!!!!!! Please give the true Devs proper respect, just wanted everyone to have an easier avenue to get to it.

    Thank you Koush and Birdman for the system dump and thank Droidvicious for making it run on toro!

    Original thread here Vicious-Toro-JellyBean Fully 100% Fucntional Deodexed Calls WiFi Data (3G 4G) Etc Build is now up! - [VZW] Galaxy Nexus Development - RootzWiki

    What's Working:
    Data (Both 3G and 4G at boot with no tricks)
    WiFi (Very Sketchy)
    All market apps/gapps included in build no need to flash gapps
    USB Storage
    Internal Storage
    Root/Superuser (With flashing zip provided below)

    *** If using titanium back up to restore apps, encrypted apps will cause a force close ***

    What doesn't work:

    Some users are reporting weak WiFi signals

    Installation Instructions:
    Make a nandroid backup
    Wipe data factory reset
    Wipe cache partition
    Wipe dalvik cache (Optional)
    Flash JellyBean 4.1 to your Galaxy Nexus
    Flash SuperSU zip provided in the OP below
    Reboot and ENJOY JellyBean from us to you!!!!

    Download Link:
    TeamLiquid JellyBean V1

    SuperSU for Jelly Build
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