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JB Update for Razr total disaster

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Spyder5157, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Spyder5157

    Spyder5157 New Member

    Jan 25, 2011
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    Well, I'll list what I've been thru, but the bottom line right now is I lucked out and am able to get a Warranty replacement (It's out of warranty, but I had a warranty replacement in December, right before it ran out, and that gives you 3 xtra months warranty, so one is on the way)

    BUT: I do want to load Jellybean on the one coming, since it will surly come w/ ICS, I'm thinking I should leave it be and wait for the "Official" push.

    OK, The problems, what happened, etc.:
    1. I did install VooDoo, and "Protect" Root, BUT, I guess I didn't do it thru 2 times as it says, so I lost root, ALTHOUGH the SU icon was there, VooDoo was the only thing listed, when I hit restore root, it said it did, but NOTHING could get root access.

    2. OK, so JB is on, I don't have root, so I tried to flash that "RecoverRoot" zip that MattG released...It just aborted.

    So, now I'm thinking, ok, all is cool, I just have to live w/o root...BUT, NOW IS WHERE ALL THE REAL PROBLEMS SURFACED:

    1. NONE......NONE....Of the "Volumes" work, there is NO SOUND for music, video, alarm, Rings for a incoming call, text notification, etc....
    (I can get video or songs to play by using a 3rd party app, BUT, the stock players DO NOT WORK)

    2. It WILL vibrate for incoming call, just no ring..

    3. When I do try to play a video I recored w/ the camera, it just says "Can't be played"

    4. The music player just crashes and will not play anything.

    5. As I mentioned, no alarm or anything

    6. THIS IS WEIRD: When making/receiving calls, IT IS LOUD AS A MEGA-PHONE...Basically ALWAYS "SPEAKER PHONE". So strange that this is so loud, but no volume anywhere else. Now, 2 times I did "Receive" a call, and it was normal, BUT, as a test, I put them on Speaker phone, then turned it off, but they were "Stuck" on Speakerphone. Any call I Make (Outgoing) is blasting loud.

    So, I guess bottom-line, it's all the volume/sound related stuff....Spent an hour on w/ Tier II techs at Verizon, the did admit about the premature release, and that the regular one is coming this quarter, but who knows???

    BTW: I did tell Verizon that I got this from them, which on Xmas Eve I did, BUT it failed so I flashed it on from recovery.....SO little white lie, but really I didn't do anything that they were not sending me, only thing was Root, which I didn't Protect properly

    HAS ANYONE HAD ANY ISSUES LIKE THIS???? Seems like all the other posts of people loading it on, have had no issues, even protecting root. NOW, Even if I did get the volumes fixed, there is still some "Glitch" since SU is there but not working

    I think I should just leave it be when I get this replacement, or really be careful and try to upgrade it again??? I leaning to leave it alone, the JB improvements although nice to have are not THAT big of a deal, plus when the real one comes out for good, it won't be long till there is a way to root it.

    ANY THOUGHTS AT ALL??? (About when I get the new one?)...

    THANKS ALL......S