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    Not to long ago, a little idea broke the Internet in half. Pebble. The Kickstarter project that promised to do what seemed to be impossible, create a good smart watch. It was a little idea that propelled Kickstarter into the stratosphere with it’s goal of $100,000 the ended up surpassing the $10 million mark and remains as the most successful Kickstarter to date. The watches finally started flowing several weeks back and I am here now to tell you what I think.

    I have been interested in smart watched for a long time. I remember when I was still on Windows Mobile and I was investigating some primitive smart watches only to find out that they were on Blackberry compatible. This has been something of supreme interest to me for quite some time. Then we got closer to where we are with other smart watches that were met with poor reviews. Now here we were in 2012 and Pebble went public. I jumped on board as soon as I found about it.

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