Issues with Pandora and Music Controls (patched)

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    Hi Guys,

    I was just curious if anyone else had issues when using the music controls with Pandora?

    When I go to skip a song, it tries to load the next song for a few minutes then just stops. Using the regular touch "next" button works fine.

    When this happens, I can't get it to play music again until I reboot, even after clearing the app's data.

    I'm going to continue to experiment with the play/pause music control to see if that messes it up as well.

    EDIT: ok, so it looks like the play/pause works fine. Now I just need the skip to work!

    EDIT 2: Uninstall/reinstall fixed it...not sure what the heck was different, but the controls seem to work fine now :icon_rolleyes: My droid's making a fool of me!

    EDIT 3: Ok, now I'm getting the "We're having unexpected technical difficulties" and nothing will play.

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