Issues with my droid 2 rom. Please help!

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    hey, im using a droid 2 running the gummyjar rom (2.2.1 android) and iv gotten tired of it over time, i decided to flash another rom to my phone with clockwork and i cant seem to get it. every time i select boot into recovery my phone just restarts, and every time i select to install a rom from the sd card it does the same thing. i was told i have to use droid 2 bootstrap in order to flash a new rom on, only thing is i am under age and cant purchase it from market. can anybody show me step by step instructions to get rid of gummyjar and install a 2.3 gingerbread with the new blue moto blur. or maybe a link to get a app that can put me in recovery without having to pay.

    Update, finaly found bootstrap d2 for free :) you can get the apk from the makers website woohoo. now running gingerbread 2.3.3
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