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    I'm using the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Whenever I receive a call from a number not in my People, I am requested to touch 1 to take the call and 2 to send to VM. I don't recall anything in setup for this call screening and can't seem to find any option to turn it off. I tried killing Google Voice, that didn't solve the problem.

    To compound the problem, when I go to touch 1 my screen blanks. Every time I get my finger near the screen, it blanks. I have seen on other forums where this could be a faulty proximity sensor, but I have downloaded the app to test the sensor and it seems to be working. The only way I can touch a number on the keypad when this happens is to turn on the speakerphone. By the time I get done fighting the screen, half my calls are lost. Very frustrating. Any suggestions/solutions to either issue would be appreciated.
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