Issue with sharing Twitter/Tweet on RAZR Maxx HD with K-9 Mail app

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX HD' started by scottyballgame, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Sep 17, 2013
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    For the last few months I have not had any luck in getting this to work. I
    recently upgraded to a Motorola RAZR Maxx HD. Previously I had a Motorola
    RAZR and this wasn't an issue.

    I use Twitter a lot and often want to share a Tweet via email, and I use K9
    Mail almost exclusively on my phone for email purposes. Whenever I use the
    Share option in Twitter and choose K9 Mail as the source, the entire Tweet
    and content should be showing up in the body of the email. That is not
    happening now. It was fine on my old RAZR but now on the RAZR Maxx HD
    nothing shows up in the email. This is only happening with K9 Mail. If I
    try sharing a Tweet to another email application on my phone like Gmail or
    my Xfinity Connect email for Comcast, all the tweet content is shared into
    the email body correctly.

    Is there something I'm not doing? Again, only having this issue on the new
    RAZR Maxx HD and didn't have any issue before. I have updated the K9 Mail
    application and am running the latest version. I think K9 Mail is a
    wonderful application, I love all of the functionality, and keep up the
    great work. It's just this on Twitter sharing issue that's giving me
    headaches, and I don't want to use there other email apps in order to do
    what I have always been able to do. I've asked a couple different reps in
    my Verizon store and nobody could help me.

    Any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

    Scott Greene