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    I have been having issues with 3G access and Verizon hasn't been much help. They recently opened a ticket for me and this is what they came back with:

    Device is hitting VZW cell 0429 mainly and getting 1x coverage.
    Device was rejected for Administratively prohibited IP source violation.
    Cannot investigate or escalate further as address does not resolve in NETGEO or GOOGLE
    Recommend checking ALL programming and power cycling device before resending ticket.

    The Net Geo tagging in the phone settings appears to be turned off. Please confirm this setting with Motorola and the IP address for your phone.

    Can anyone tell me if there is even an option for this on the phone. I have been unable to find it and the hold time with Motorola are crazy right now with the Froyo release that Verizon has done. I think the are just trying to come up with crap to blow me off.

    Any ideas??
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