is there anybody in the industry living in North Carolina? I'd like to interview you.

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    Trap Hill, North Carolina
    More specifically the western half of North Carolina. It doesn't matter to me if you are an app developer, a rom developer(for rooted phones), a Android website employee, or if you work for a cell phone company.
    I'm going to college to learn how to program and develop apps and one of my assignments is to interview someone that is already in my chosen profession. I need to write up a profile/essay. I don't care if you make any money off of your app(s) or just do it as a hobby. Just as long as you are involved some how in the Android world.
    Since I have to do this assignment I am also planning to submit(with your permission) the interview/profile to one of the Android websites. Hopefully this site will be interested in posting it. If not I will try others such as or, etc.
    I know that this is a strange request and that this post is probably not showing how well I can write, but I assure you that I will produce a top quality final draft. (I typed this in 5 minutes before my next class)

    If you are interested and available please send me a message a.s.a.p.

    Put in the header: Interview Candidate

    My contact info is:
    or just reply directly to this post.

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