Is there a way to configure the free international texting workaround in Handcent?

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    I've got a couple friends abroad who I'd like to be able to text without paying the VZW rates of $.25/$.20 for sending/receiving.

    Just about every mobile carrier in the world assigns an email address to every number (i.e. for VZW it is so as long as you know this email, you can send free texts internationally, even within Handcent itself.

    My question is, is there a way to store this email as the primary address for texts to get sent to, instead of the person's phone number itself? That way as soon as I type the person's name, it will recognize to send the text to the email address, rather than the international phone number.

    Is this possible?

    EDIT: If you're interested, here's a pretty comprehensive list of global email-to-text gateways:
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