Is there a "How-To" guide for backing up data/apps before a FDR?--ICS/Battery related

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    Ok so my battery isnt awful as some peoples seem to be after the ICS upgrade (I'm on regular Razr). It does seem to be a bit worse than before at times though, and I was going to try the FDR and re-install apps trick before digging too far. I do have the LTE-OnOff app and have LTE turned off (not in a 4G area 90% of the time). All of the usual suspects for battery drain seem to be normal. Screen is very high on my usage. But just want to try this to see if it gets any better. So my question is this, and my apologies in advance if this is already posted somewhere: Is there a "how-to" on what all should be done to ensure you save data you want before doing a factory reset. I've done it before only as last resort on other phones and would lose everything except contacts. I know I can get my apps back by going to the play store online, but what about text messages, and any other kind of data that might be valuable to keep. Can google store all this? or do I need to back-up some other way?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    EDIT: Also, when I have my phone plugged in to PC as mass storage device, it shows up as 2 drives, one is internal storage and one is SD card but it doesn't specify. How do I know which is the internal drive to save any pics, music, etc. that might be saved there?
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