Is there a good way to organize all contacts (gmail, FB, gtalk, etc)?

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    I've had my Incredible a bit more than a year now, and have always been annoyed with Google bringing in random
    "people" that must be based on emails I get.

    I have a lot of people, many of whom don't actually know; no idea where they came from.

    For instance, there is an M. Eldin. No clue who that is. He's not an FB friend, not on my Gtalk, not in my email, but he IS in my phone. Only his gmail address shows up so he's not someone I've called. Could he have been CC'd on an email someone sent me, and brought into my phone?

    I think what I'd like to do is wipe ALL contacts off the phone and start over. Is there a way I can move everyone on my phone into my gmail first (in case I've maybe added people to the phone and not sync'd it or something to my email). Then I can go through Gmail on my computer and yank all the nobodys out and re-load?

    If someone has a better idea, I'm open to it. With all the problems I've been having (total wipe of phone after gingerbread update, which DID seem to fix it, but now I'm stuck re-customizing EVERYTHING again:mad:), I'm tempted to go back to an iPhone.:frown:


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